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Salvatore Rizzo... The Deadfather!

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The Phantom Zone Radio Show

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The Legend of Salvatore Rizzo...

Salvatore Rizzo did something in his youth that changed his life, and gave him the power to take that control, and to ultimately be the most powerful figure the crime world had ever seen. He made a deal with the devil.. .Life was looking good for him, but he wanted more. In fact he wanted it all, and it was one night when he found himself taking on 5 men by himself as the rest of his cohorts sat back and laughed that he realized that things were going to change. And change they did, as once he signed the paper that promised him marriage to the woman he loved, along with the strength of ten men and the mind to master them...He very quickly began to take control of Capone’s organization.

Alas, he made one fatal mistake. He let his greed and anger get the best of him. We all know a deal with the devil is always a foul one. You never do get what you ask for. And of course, Rizzo was not exempt. On February 14, 1930, only 1 year after the brutal massacre he orchestrated, the massacre that placed him atop the Chicago crime world, he stood with the love of his life taking their vows. And as the words were spoken making their marriage and dream of love and life together reality, and the lovers moved in for their first married kiss, a spray of bullets took Salvatore down. Downstairs in fact, straight to Lucifer’s pit, where the fires roar and constant pain and agony is all that he would ever know again.

But fate had something in store for Salvatore Rizzo. Percival, a fallen angel now leading a tortured existence in hell, saw an opportunity with this mountain of human flesh. An opportunity to make good with the man upstairs, an opportunity to possibly be granted wings again, and so, he set Rizzo free from the pit and led him to Purgatory, to regain his strength, and become something that Lucifer could never have imagined....