The Phantom Zone Radio Show

The Phantom Zone Radio Show

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The Phantom Zone Radio Show hosted by Planet Houston's Jay Luna & Nikki Meow is a variety talkshow exploring the genres of music, cinema & pop culture.

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Actress, director, producer Meredith Majors invades The Phantom Zone with Nikki Meow & Jay Luna to tell them all about her upcoming films, Lake Eerie starring Lance Henricksen, Marilyn Ghigliotti & Betsy Baker, and The Mangled starring... more

Actor Ford Austin joins Nikki Meow & Jay Luna on this weeks madcap episode of The Phantom Zone Radio Show! From iconic television shows like Land of the Lost, CHiPs, & Night Court, to Soap Opera's such as Another World and... more

Up and coming actress Melanie Robel gets trapped in The Phantom Zone with Nikki Meow & Jay Luna! In this weeks side splitting episode, Melanie tells us all about her life growing up all over the country and different parts of the world,... more

Horror film actress Caroline Williams invades this weeks episode of The Phantom Zone! You've seen her in countless television shows like Grey's Anatomy and Nip/Tuck, just to name a couple... and oh, yeah... little films like Texas... more

Horror Host Miss Misery is back for another blood chilling episode of The Phantom Zone! This time she's got her director's hat on! She's gonna bring us up to speed on her upcoming films, No Service and Forgotten Tales, as well as... more

Actress and model, Chanel Ryan rocks The Phantom Zone with Nikki Meow & Jay Luna! This red hot mama can be seen in the upcoming films, Circus of the Dead, House on Rodeo Gulch, and Dead Sea, among many others. She is one busy... more

Join your hosts with the ghosts, Jay Luna & Nikki Meow as they celebrate Women in Horror month by having a tribute to some of the ladies who frightened us to death in cinema! From Whatever Happened to Baby Jane to Mommie Dearest,... more

Horror blogger Justin Hamelin invades The Phantom Zone with his new book called... The Darkest Corner! Nine haunting and hair-rising tales await! Macabre stories of ghosts, ancient beasts, vampires and the most frightening monster of... more

We're Baaaaaack! Join us for a night of music and mayhem as we play some of our favorite songs from musicals from stage and cinema! Annie, Sweeny Todd, Phantom of the Opera and so much more! A macabre evening of twisted... more