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The Parents Hour

The Parents Hour


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The Parents Hour is a show devoted to topics of importance to parents and their children. The host, Dr. Arline Kerman, is a divorce and custody attorney, educational psychologist, domestic mediator, case evaluator/domestic relations, arbitrator, guardian ad litem, co-founder of The Institute For Co-Parenting Resolution, and author of several books including How To Survive And Win As A Co-Parent. All of the guests chosen to be on the show are experts in their field and many have written books in the field of parenting and child-development. Please tune in and listen to all of our shows that are informative and interesting. You can also listen to all of our shows that are archived on BlogTalkRadio.com. Please check our website, www.georgiachildcustody.com, for information on all of our services, books, and shows.

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Some parents are just so busy trying to live their every-day lives, such as going to work everyday, five or six days a week, paying part of their bills because they can't pay the whole bill, worrying about money that they don't have, bill... more

Emeka Iwenofu is the author of Jackie's Miracle, about a woman who suffered abuse, dropped out of school, and then found the secret of success. His other two books serve as a blueprint for finding success in life. Mr. Iwenofu will tell our... more

Children cope with many conflcts at school. Teaching our children how to resolve those conflicts is an important and necessary part of the education of our children. Many schools now have courses that teach how mediation is effective in... more

CHILD CUSTODY --- Who should decide where the child will live most of the time? Does the child have the right to choose? Should a Jury make this decision rather than the Judge? At what age can the child choose where he/she will live... more

Tune in to this show to find out how you can finalize your divorce without breaking your bank account. Our guest, Nolen Hamer, an attorney, has been practicing family law for over 25 years. Throughout his career, the one constant... more

Can Co-Parenting help you stay married? Do you feel that getting a divorce is the only answer to your constant disagreements with your spouse over child-related issues? Dr. Arline Kerman, the Host and Creator of The Parents Hour, will... more

According to our expert, Joe Wojcik, a.k.a. Joe the Biker, "we cannot ignore that kids of all ages are being verbally, emotionally, and even physically attacked by bullies." Joe Wojcik is the author of two books on bullying: YUBBIE THE FALL... more

Many parents find it impossible to co-parent, and they will give you many reasons why it is not possible to co-parent. Some of their reasons include the inability of the other parent to comunicate. Or, the other parent is too controlling. Or, the... more

This is the second show on our series. If you missed our show on August 25th at 3:00 p.m., please tune in. This second show will address Solutions on how to co-parent with a parent who doesn't want to. Please call in to give your input... more

Many years ago, your Host, Dr. Arline Kerman, wrote a book entitled How To Survive And Win As A Co-Parent (second edition). The book contains alot of useful information on how to co-parent and why it is in the best interest of the... more