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In today's world, bad smells are coming from all directions. On The Outhouse Report we discuss cultural, political and anti-Christian stench putting common sense back into discussions about the lie; "Seperation of Church and State." Oh, how liberals wish it were true.

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Mon. and Wed., discussions are centered around politics and Culture. But, ON FRIDAY it's no hold barred. We talk about anything and everything. Anyone, everyone and just maybe, once in a while; a little sports. This Friday, I will... more

"The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend". Is that not what has been relayed to the Eastern World, the U.S.? Let's continue our look at Ilamic influences on our government and the votes of dead people and others voting; illegally. Lets talk.

It is being widely reported, James Holmes is the man clad in combat military assault wear and a gas mask, accused of murdering and injuring dozens of unarmed movie goers in Aurora, Co. This may or may not be true. Let us... more

On Friday The Outhouse Report Network makes an attempt to cover happenings not cover during the week, unless a super ugly even occurs as has today. 50 innocent and unarmed people are injured and 12 are dead by the hand of a... more

For centuries Liberals, once called Progressives have engaged in a determined effort to bring America, the USA, into alignment with attitudes and governments of European nations and kingdoms. On June 28th, 2012, Europeanizing of the... more

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I talk about what has happened in life, politics and culture. I take a look at things from a country man's perspective. This can often be very different from the city view. Seldom will I dicuss sports of any kind... more

Friday's recap what has happened during the week and talk about what is of interest to the callers. Politics, yes. Family, yes. Culture, yes. Sports NO, I'm not interested. But, we can talk about religion and about anything else. Why,... more

Some times no matter how hard you try to ignore it, its just not possible. Who really thinks Obama can win again in a fair race for the Presidentcy?

What's green -got no experience - and brown - as in skin color - and just keeps floating? Barack Obama. American elected the most inexperienced man ever into the White House in 2008. Can it happen again? We will take a look at the... more
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