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In today's world, bad smells are coming from all directions. On The Outhouse Report we discuss cultural, political and anti-Christian stench putting common sense back into discussions about the lie; "Seperation of Church and State." Oh, how liberals wish it were true.

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America is now nearing the home stretch of another Presidential election, but how credible are the candidates? On the Republican side we have Mitt Romney, presented to the voting public as a Republican, with Conservative leanings. On... more

?Mitt Romney Joins Talents With Congressman Paul Ryan, Striking Terror In The Hearts and Minds of The Democrat Party. ? What a great headline this would have been (IF) it had ran when Mitt Romney announced his Vice –... more

America is most fortunate to have such a rich history of independence and freedom. Having such a legacy is no mistake, it occurred by design and with deliberate effort. Men and women of all races and religions had a hand in... more

Being a good Christian requires accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior and surrendering all your sins and worries to God. In addition to that, one must also strive to be like Jesus in our daily lives. Millions of Amerivans are... more

One by one girls just starting their mistral cycle, through and including women approaching or enduring menopause have been encouraged, even baggered into getting abortion(s) should they find themselves with an unwanted or dangerous... more

A lot can happen in 7 days in one persons life. Now consider what can happen within an entire populous. If that isn't enough, consider what has happened in politics and social issues in 7 days. Starting Monday 13, broadcast starts at 6... more

Democrats, the Obama administration and liberal groups across the country are proclaiming the ?unfairness? of purging voter roles in Florida and other states. Claims of potential disenfranchising has been leived toward the push for photo... more

Conservatives understand ?National Diversity is designed to destroy sovereignty of a nation?. Yet the United States is composed of divers people from all over the world. For the most part, real diversity in the U.S. resulted from the creation and... more

TGIF has become the watch word for a week completed, but what happened all week? W e will explore the week in review and much more. such as, "Don't PEE on the Toilet Seat Boys". If you have ever encountered this condition in a rest... more

It is so easy to say, "No one needs to have a gun except the cops, but do the criminals listen? No.They depend on anti-2cd Amendment "girlly Men" to keep disarming the American public. Gun control has a simple definition that can be... more
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