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In today's world, bad smells are coming from all directions. On The Outhouse Report we discuss cultural, political and anti-Christian stench putting common sense back into discussions about the lie; "Seperation of Church and State." Oh, how liberals wish it were true.

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Who won? Who looked and sounded Presidential? What questions were answered? What questions were not. Simple questions are left to ask and who will answer them? Is America still confused with Obama as President? Let's look at... more

Let's face it, as much as some of us think we would like to live forever, we are all going to die, someday, some how, and at some time. This is simply a fact of life, as surely as birth is the beginning and death comes at the end of life. So,... more

It matters not what time of year it is. Disaster can strick any time, any place , and with any type of disaster. Anymore, it is necessary to prepare for a number of different emergency situtations. Hurricans and earthquakes are not the only... more

In Approximately 45 days, Americans will again vote for a president of the United States. Will it be 4 more years of Obama and Bidding, or will it be the first term for Romney and Ryan? This is a decision to be made by the electorial college, but... more

Americans have faced many challenges both individually and as a nation. But nothing on the scale of attack we are facing today. Millions are out of work, and collecting Social Security Disability benefits, or unemployment. Millions more... more

First; Tea Party meeting at Shonney's, 8529 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tenn, 37919, at 6 p.m.. est. Second, why this matters. A cheaply made and highly publized low budget film has been made portraing Mohammad in a negative... more

This week has been one huge pile of crap. First, we faced the 11 th anniversary of 9/11. Second, we faced the assassination of one of our Ambassadors by the Muslim Brotherhood. Third, Obama invites the head of the Muslim Brotherhood... more

On 9/11/2003 America was attacked by radicals from a foregin land, in the name of their god Allah. This attack resulted in the deaths of over 3000 Americans and individuals from other countries. As a result, America has been involved in wars... more

Labor Day is a celebration of the work we have put in over the past year. In view of the attack on Freedom and Liberty by the U. S. government and outside forces, it seems appropriate we look not only at the work we have done, but also... more

Oh wow, Obama now has a real fight on his hands. No more easy elections to win, or so I hope. What will happen if Romney and Ryan really take off the gloves, and fight for the Oval Office? What will be the outcome of a real campagin fight... more
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