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A shotgun, dumpster and a letter. The Sarah Pender Case

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The Other Side of Justice

The Other Side of Justice


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On October 25th 2000, a teamster was taking out the trash behind the local Teamster's Union.  As he opened the dumpster, he discovered two bodies.  The victims had been shot several times by a shotgun.  The faces of the victims were unrecognizable.  Therefore, police enlisted the local media to post pictures of the victims' tattoos.  The following day, after receiving several leads based on the tattoos,  the victims were identified as Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman.  The police also learned where the victims lived and who they lived with.  The victims' roommates were Sarah Jo Pender and Richard Edward Hull.  Cataldi and Hull were partners in the drug business, who often argued about money.  Sarah was employed as an office manager of a construction company.  When police arrived at the home, Richard Hull and Sarah Pender were not there.  The couple was later tracked to a local hotel and brought in for questioning.  In one room, Sarah stated Hull and Cataldi were in a heated argument and Hull instructed her to leave.  When she returned, both victims were dead and Hull claimed Cataldi hurt him.  In the other room, Hull confirmed Sarah's story and Sarah was released.  However, Sarah was later charged with two counts of murder and described as a female Charles Manson.  Just before Sarah's trial, a letter was sent to Hull from Sarah confessing to the murders.  However, was the letter written by Sarah?  Prosecutors certainly alleged it was and it was used as the only piece of evidence against Sarah.  Was Sarah a female Charles Manson or was she set up by her co-defendant in order for him to recieve a ligther sentence?  The Other Side of Justice returns January 9th 2013 with A Shotgun, dumpster and a letter.  The Sarah Pender Case.  My guest will be Bonnie Prosser, Sarah Pender's mother.