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The OreO Comedy Show LIVE

The OreO Comedy Show LIVE!


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Mostly Some Awesome Two Uncensored Dudes! We go up against RAW Supershow and whip that McMahon ass like that one dude is gonna do in Connecticut.

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Ok, so we had this amazing idea to see how fast we could think on our feet and put people in unusual situations over the phone.. it was like a hidden camera show.. but with just audio. Sounds more awesome that way. So TONIGHT... more

HAPPY HUMP DAY, BITCHES! So, it is time.. Meghan and I have agreed to put forth a "quality" product of extreme entertainment... One that shall entertain the masses from sea to shining sea and beyond! And while we're waiting to do that,... more

It Is Monday.. So It IS TIME... for some 2UD. We're going to be mature... well use mature words... well.. we're going to cuss. We're two dudes hailing from the land of Awesome putting something in your ears other than wrestling. Tonight's... more

Welcome to the Chloroform show. The show that is that bold to get on the air wheter you're listening live or not. And back, tonight... 2UD. So, what are we going to be playing tonight? Stuff Lots and lots of Stuff And for those awesome... more

So, we had to scrub a few times and reshift.. and now I think Meghan is on board for tonight.. but can't be too sure. Ayyiyi... So in the Treghan Hour + (in case we run over an hour or don't have two hours worth of stuff to talk about.. we are... more

Please note - We're still rated M for "we're gonna cuss" Things we learned last night... Don't have a format.. We do some awesome stuff without it. Obviously it is neither Trey & Meghan nor Meg/Trey... We've been called Treghan. One can... more

The show that has two people on it of opposite sexes, that won't sell out in season five with a kiss to totally ruin the show. (That's never happened before *cough*) So... it being the day Rebecca Black celebrated sooo much.. We're... more

Trey & Meg? Really? Scaryoake night? Maybe so! I'm booking this now so I don't have to mess with it if I run long giving blood and stuff. Of course we'll have some of our favorite games, call ins, and a few other surprises! ...if I don't pass... more

It's MONDAY! It is time for the one reason to not dislike this day. Two Uncensored Dudes is coming at you like a (clever metaphor) charges a (clever metaphor target)! So, what do we have for you Dude Abiders this fine evening?... more

S-A-TUR-DAY... NIGHT! And now that it is stuck in your head.. I should go ahead and say... TONIGHT.. Because we're like that... We're going live again. We will be bringing our own level of commodic...er.. comedic talents and cramming them... more