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Hi and Welcome to my channel! 2015 is the year it all begins...

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GUEST CALL IN Q&A with channeled higher self. Patrick Moulin joins Tammy Anahata & Amy Brimicome LIVE tonight at 8:00PM Eastern. Tonight will be the start of our special edition live call in Q&A with Patrick and promises to be an... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: ON THE PRECIPICE OF CHANGE: The Equinox Review and Call-in Show 19/20 Mar 2015 - 5pm PST (US), 8pm EST (US), 11am AEST (AUS) - approx 2 hours Hi Everyone, We are on the edge of the... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Patrick Moulin - author of the "Little Book of Oneness" and Quantum Healer 12/13 Mar 2015 - 5pm PST (US), 8pm EST (US), 11am AEST (AUS) Hi Everyone, our special guest this week is Patrick Moulin - author of... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Darryl Anka - Channeler of Bashar Hi Everyone, this week our special guest is Darryl Anka - Channeler of Bashar, a being of extraterrestrial origin from the future who has spoken for the past 30 years through Darryl,... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Andree Cordella - Quantum Healer Hi Everyone, this week our special guest Andree Cordella is a quantum healer and a Delores Cannon trained practioner of hypnotic regression who sharing her story and experiences... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Mercedes Kirkel - Messages from Mary Magdalene Hi Everyone, This week our special guest is bringing forth messages and wisdom from Mary Magdalene. Since the age of 12 Mercedes has experienced many... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Selene Aswell, Telos and Galactic Translater Hi Everyone, we have had a two week hiatus due to severe weather on the US east coast and Chris participating in a 7 day juice-fast as part of the clearing process.... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Choices, NOW and Sovereignty Last weeks's guest Sophia Stewart was to return this week but was literally pulled into an important meeting a few minutes before the show. Not to be daunted, We simply enjoined in a... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Sophia Stewart - MOTHER OF THE MATRIX Our guest this week is Sophia Stewart, the author of ?The Third Eye?, the original source material and basis for the Matrix and Terminator franchises. Sophia's work was... more

2014 WRAP-UP & 2015 POTENTIALS SHOW Hi Everyone...due to the three of us not being able to actually be in one place at one time over Christmas (LOL!), this first show of 2015 is the three of us doing a combination show looking... more
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