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Hi and Welcome to my channel! 2015 is the year it all begins...

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PLEASE NOTE: Apolgies to our regular listeners! We have had to cancel today's show as our guest on Quantum Healing had another family emergency, we wish them well! We also have yet to catch up with Sophia Stewart and will keep you posted on that too. The next show will be Friday 6th of February with Amy and Tammy, subject to be announced. Chris is on retreat and will be back on the following show on the 13th. Whew, amazingly intense times. All our love to you All! keep well and see you soon! Amy, Tammy and Chri So the burning question, one which we fail to ask ourselves at the time when it matters the most: "What do we REALLY want?" Come join us as we candidly voice aloud ‘conversations with self' and ponder questions such as: Why we made certain things unattainable simply because we were too afraid to connect with our true desires? … and How do our conflicting conversations with SELF keep us out of alignment with what we truly want to experience? What is it that you are waiting for anyway? What happens when the inner world is at odds with the outer world? What is the missing elusive ingredient? Join us weekly as we discuss, explore and uncover the genesis of our illustrious manifestations and creations!!
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THIS WEEKS SHOW: Choices, NOW and Sovereignty Last weeks's guest Sophia Stewart was to return this week but was literally pulled into an important meeting a few minutes before the show. Not to be daunted, We simply enjoined in a... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Sophia Stewart - MOTHER OF THE MATRIX Our guest this week is Sophia Stewart, the author of ?The Third Eye?, the original source material and basis for the Matrix and Terminator franchises. Sophia's work was... more

2014 WRAP-UP & 2015 POTENTIALS SHOW Hi Everyone...due to the three of us not being able to actually be in one place at one time over Christmas (LOL!), this first show of 2015 is the three of us doing a combination show looking... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: NOTE NEW TIME! Patricia Awyan of the The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism joins Tammy Anahata, Amy Brimicombe and Chris Hales to share her vast knowledge of ancient Egypt. American born researcher,... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Catch-up with Chris Hales In this weeks show Chris is stepping from co-host to guest as we explore his experiences in 2014, this year of the "journey back to self" for everybody. Chris' experience this year has been... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: US 7PM 23rd NOV [SUNDAY NIGHT], AUS 11AM 24th NOV [MONDAY MORNING] This week we are spending time with Pane Andov, an Australian ET Contactee with many years of experiences to ground his... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW This week Tammy Anahata, Amy Brimicombe and Chris Hales welcome Alfred Lambremont Webre, a 40+ year veteran of Exopolitics, Law, name it, Alfred has done it and he is still publishing... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: Tammy Anahata, Amy Brimicombe and Chris Hales are this week joined by Mary Rodwell of ACERN. Mary is a very well known, long time researcher of ET experiencers, a past-life regression expert and more recently... more

THIS WEEKS SHOW: This week Chris Hales returns after his break and our special guest is Simon Parkes, ET Contactee and Councillor in UK. Simon is very well known in the alternative and has had an amazing life of continual contact... more

Please forward ahead, we had some tech difficulties..
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