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Three professional women discussing various topics. (social, professional, mental, emotional, and financial.

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Are you facing baby mama or baby daddy drama? Call in and share your stories. Please elaborate.

WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE? thats a good question but so simple! there are several reasons why women( i can only speak for what i know) are single. first off no woman wants to be single! men dont believe the hype"im single cus i... more

is it better to be lonely or better to be with someone to just to have someone to love? It is ssoooo easy to say"well id rather be by myself than miserable with someone". It that really true!?...Think about it how many times have you... more

Do u choose to your partner or is it fate?? Do you sometimes sit and wonder when Mr. or Mrs. Right is going to come along? Do you sit there and think to yourself am I ever get to be able to find true love, am I ever going to be able to... more

are u "high maintenance" We use the term all the time"high maintenance" but what does that really mean. What makes a person high maintenace. I more people have a high maintenance mentality than they do the actual... more

thanksgiving christmas new years we all ave someone coming to our house or going to theirs! whats your story good,bad,uuugglllyyyyy! The holidays have a way of bringing families together...sometimes good and sometimes bad.... more

How has the recession changed your life. Yes i know that this is a touchy subject. Nobody wants to talk about how theyve downgraded(especially if you were already"downgraded"). But if you are bold enough share your stories with us. Of... more

we all have them,those people that constantly call and we ignore, whats your names. Ladies(especially) you know we have those names.Those names that we have for the guy that keeps"stalking us" or the guy thats fine as hell but cant let... more

if you could do 3 things,good or bad and get away with it or not fail what would you do? We have all of these wonderful quotes about living without limits! all these encouraging words to motivate and inspire. But do we really "live life as if... more

what are some hobbies or quirky habits you have that none or your family or friends know you have/do? We all have em'! you know that thing or too that bugs someone or maybe know one knows you do it.maybe you dress in drag and your... more