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Three professional women discussing various topics. (social, professional, mental, emotional, and financial.

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How much negative weight can a relationship endure?

Whatever you would like to talk about, please eloborate.

Please do not mistake my madness for bitterness. Have you ever encountered a mate that accused you of being bitter when you are only mad. Please share!

Have you ever heard the statement, "You are too old to do that." Don't believe the hype! Enjoy your life.

Can a man raise a classy lady?

How often are relationships created on the job? Did you meet your mate on at work? Please share!

Does your man prefer to be in the strip club more than he does being at home

Have you ever said, "I thought I'd be happy when I got married or graduated, but I'm not" What's your statement?

Are your in-laws constantly in your business? or Does your partner constantly play superman/superwoman for his/her family? If so, let us know... Get it off of your chest.

Morning, noon, and night! Is your partner always asking more sex and your're wondering when can you take a breather? Is that you? Let us know..