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Three professional women discussing various topics. (social, professional, mental, emotional, and financial.

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How has the recession changed your life. Yes i know that this is a touchy subject. Nobody wants to talk about how theyve downgraded(especially if you were already"downgraded"). But if you are bold enough share your stories with us. Of... more

we all have them,those people that constantly call and we ignore, whats your names. Ladies(especially) you know we have those names.Those names that we have for the guy that keeps"stalking us" or the guy thats fine as hell but cant let... more

if you could do 3 things,good or bad and get away with it or not fail what would you do? We have all of these wonderful quotes about living without limits! all these encouraging words to motivate and inspire. But do we really "live life as if... more

what are some hobbies or quirky habits you have that none or your family or friends know you have/do? We all have em'! you know that thing or too that bugs someone or maybe know one knows you do it.maybe you dress in drag and your... more

everyone likes to travel!!how often do you travel! what are some of the places youve been? what and where are some of the best places youve traveled? have a vacation/honeymoon gone bad? thats what todays show is all about. has the... more

what is the obession with reality tv!! its every where,on every station!! everyone has a show about everything, mob,navy,security,hair,fashion,family,etc. i cant think of a topic thats not out there. is it really reality tv! what makes it reality? its... more

often times we forget the good men in ourselves becausew we are so busy talking the bad men. this show i want to talk about the stepdad,uncle,coach,teacher,etc. that was or is in your life. whats makes them a... more

Oftentimes we encounter people who call themselves a friend but their actions show otherwise. We would like to continue our discussion from 8/6/2012 on defining a true friend.

What are the signs of a down low man/woman. 1. He spends more time with his boys than with you.If your guy spends more time with his "boys," or one in particular that you have yet to meet, there's a reason for this! 2. He's extremely... more

What is your breaking point? How much can one person take? "People snap when their ability to cope is overwhelmed." But how much stress or frustration people can cope with?"For some, minor stressors add up," producing a "hassle... more