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Three professional women discussing various topics. (social, professional, mental, emotional, and financial.

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Oftentimes, social medial like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used for negative things such as bullying and being someone/something that you aren't to get a date or to be popular. Although, there are negative things that social... more

thanksgiving christmas new years we all ave someone coming to our house or going to theirs! whats your story good,bad,uuugglllyyyyy! The holidays have a way of bringing families together...sometimes good and sometimes bad.... more

When are you going to let go of your issues! People are going to hurt you! As long as you live on this earth you are going to get hurt! Get over it and move on with your life! Tune in as we discuss this topic.

Have you ever been dumped? If so, was it expected or unexpected? How did it make you feel? Tune in as we discuss getting dumped.

Do you have friends who are cheap wherever you go? If so, call in and share the your experiences with us. Tune in as we discuss cheap friends.

Apologizing is common, but do you mean? Oftentimes, people say it because they know that is what the other person wants. However, if it is not sincere, it isn't an apology, only a statement. Tune in as we discuss the rules of apologizing.

How often do you encounter individuals whom dislike you or treat you indifferent? How does this behavior make you feel? Here's the solution.....Oftentimes people are jealous of you and they want to make you feel as if you are less than what... more

Friendships are can be joyous or miserable. If they are miserable, then one must let it go. It can be stressful and toxic. Now that Fall is here, your friendships should be with solid, stable minded people. Please tune in as we provide... more

Do you work in a hostile environment? What caused it? How long has it been this way? If you do not, How do you keep the environment postive? Tune in as we discuss both types of workplace environments.

Throughout history, it was standard that a man approaches a woman if he is interested. Nowadays, women are approaching men to date. Would you approach a man and ask him out? Men, how do you feel about a woman asking you... more