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Three professional women discussing various topics. (social, professional, mental, emotional, and financial.

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Should your mate have access to your phone? depends the person. cell phones have taken over peoples lives. how is it you can be half way to work just to turn around and be late because you "had" to go back home and get your cell... more

The OMG lounge will be discussing the new age parent's underminded disciplianary actions. what is this while thing about "different techniques" of parenting. now before i start im not saying one way is the only or the best way.... more

There are many people who are going to college to receive two and four year degrees. With the economy being in a recession, it is difficult for these individuals to find a job in their degree area. Is a college degree worth pursuing... more

Is interracial dating still a taboo in today's society? yes it sure is! you dont think so!#ha!pay attention to your thoughts and your facial expression next time you see a interracial couple! for some not all it doesnt bother but for the rest yes it... more

Why do black women choose not exercise because they do not want to sweat out their perm? Is it worth it? Which is more important? Hair or Health. what is up with black women and their hair getting wet! lol omg its riduclous! if your hair is so... more

Domestic Violence is becoming common in many households. The OMG Lounge would like to bring awareness to the topic by presenting the statistics of how often it happens and to whom. Please tune in and support the cause.... more

Who has to live a tougher life? Women or Men Hhhhuuummmm thats a good question! in my defense i'd say a woman simply because,well i am a woman! now guys im in now way "downplaying" a man and his role but i just feel that women... more

What is the one thing that you said you would NEVER do that you ended up doing? Never say never is a saying that so true!! what is the one thing you said youd never do?? funny how life had a way of making sure you did it!!when... more

Friends come and go. Some leave on good terms and some leave on bad terms. What classifies a friend that will stick closer than a brother or sister? Friend:one attached to another by affection or esteem. True:steadfast,just,loyal and true... more

Should you get to know the person or should you take a risk and pursue a sexual realationship? Having sex on the first date!? well first off if you have sex on the first date thats not a date thats a "jump off"! now im not judging anyone but just... more