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Gay Marriage...Should it become legal

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Why are topics that are considered to be "sensitive or controversial" such "big" topics, especially in America! I believe its because people are afraid to speak their minds. Its not what you say/do its how you say/do. In saying that lets talk! Great thing about America freedom worst thing about America...freedom! This country was founded on christian morals and values. Now if you choose to honor and respect those views thats your choice(freedom,beauty of Americal). When you start to impose on mmmyyyy views then yes I do consider it to be a problem. Do I think gay marriage should be acknowledged...No! Do i think that they should try to change the laws..NO! Do i think they should create a new law for gay rights...YES!! This is what I mean, when in rome do as the romans!  I dont have a problem with they lifestyle anyone chooses but when your lifestyle starts to impose on my views,morals,values,lifestyle thats when i have a problem. In america you have a lifestyle thats not acknowledged through government so instead of creating YOUR OWN LAW  youd rather change it all together! NO! thats the same as when we had mediatation in the schools,one woman decided she didnt want her child to pray so pray/mediatation was taken out of school! If you dont want your child to pray who cares they can read a book or sit down why change the rules. I am sick of people changing the christian rules because they dont carry the lifestyle that fits in the society rule book!! I am in no way judging anyone as a person. i know and am friends with many in the gay community but my opinion is not popular with them! You being nice,responsible,etc has nothing to do with you trying to change the American foundation. You want to marry,great! You dont want your child to mediate in school,great! Dont change my rules to do it!! I feel like Im not bothering with your beliefs so why are you messing with mines! Nothing wrong with your lifestyle but imposing on mines is!.