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How to Spot a Liar

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We've all done it!! Whats the big deal?! Why do we take lying so personally? Is it because we trust the ones thats lies to us?! If you've done it why is it okay but when karma its you its unexceptable? We've all practiced the art of lying since the time we could talk! Oh yes we have! Think about it, as a child how many times did you do something and was confronted about it and you lied or triedto get away with it and got caught! By the time we're teenagers we havent prefected the art of lying but we've become more "aware". In other words our lies are more carefully thought out...basically planned. You've already talked about and practiced what your gonna say, Your lies work in "teams" now,lol. When we are children we lie to avoid confrontation and in some cases punishment. When we are teens we lie mostly to rebel(do things your not suppose to(saying your going to the mall with "so and so" when your really with someone your not suppose to be with)). Once you hit the world of adulthood we lie to seek validation and acceptance(which is very confusing because we are told that part of being an adult is not being able to have to"answer to people,your suppose to know who you are,etc. but yet i find that adults seek approval and validation more than teens trying to fit in)). We tell kids all the time be you...we have all these"your special" lectures and yet get on facebook lying about simple stupid stuff that you dont even have to lie about, the fact is noone really cares and why are you lying? is it because noone will find it...or better yet IS THAT THE MOTIVATION TO LIE!! What the hell is a "black and white lie" is that our way of excusing wrong"well its a white lie so thats okay." Wrong is wrong a lie is a lie. Whether you told someone your ten minutes away when your really twenty minutes away or one better YOU HAVENT LEFT THE HOUSE! Whats the difference between a lie and a liar?