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Violence in Black America

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Why is Black America so angry? Violence in black america. Before I begin let me state that yes i do realize that violence is everywhere. But lets keep it real it more prominate in the black community. Its a known fact that poverty produces crime. The higher the poverty the higher the crime. Our youth is so angry, why? Is it because the lack of family(no father, mother making ends meet(barely)).Is it because of tv(they that see rappers on tv and lyrics and model that). Now i could go on and on posing questions about why violence is so high in the black community  all day. Youth and risk taking is nothing new i could go as far back as civil rights, it was college students protesting in schools that started the movement. fast forward to today it was college students that sparked the attention and fire campaign of president obama. But the energy was toward good. Now its all about"imma take what i dont want to work hard for". Since when did hard work become a disease. everyone wants to be rich and successful overnight with no sweat. jay-z even said it...wheres the real hip hop where you talked about how you had 6 bros and sis and you slept in 2 beds girls to the top boys at the bottom. you rapped about how you shared hand me downs. those things were relatable to the black community. Now everybody raos about how they are rich and  talk about how you broke and you arent this or that. Im not picking on rap. But everyone plays a part. It always starts from the home no matter what!! Why isnt education being promoted as much as the latest song or the newest pair of expensive jeans? its takes a village to raise a child. But this generation doesnt have a village. its all about"i got my own problems i dont have time for yours" Theres no respect for your elders let alone parents. Stay tuned and listen as we discuss the gap in the black community and why are our youth so angry and what are they angry about. How can we help to heal them.