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Why do men & women cheat? Have you ever cheated?unfaithfulness, its more common than what some may think. I feel everyone has cheated in some way,being physical,emotional, or mental.unfaithfulness is like sex, just depends on YOUR defintion of it. How do you deal with unfaithfulness?Do you ever really get over it? What about the saying once cheater always a cheater. Is that statement true?  Why are women so heartbroken when they find out their partner is cheating? What about the men, why do men take women back as fast we women take men back? Should we as a society accept unfaithfulness as a way of life as something thats going to happen whether we find out about it or not and just accept it as is???? For women i think that Disney has messed our heads up so bad, why? We grow up watching all these disney movies about "prince charming". until "disneys Pixar" every cartoon movie disney made involved a woman and a "prince:" We grow up watching this stuff and expect the same thing. "o my soulmate this o my soulmate that" we grow up expecting a fairy tale. then we grow up saying stupid stuff like"if hes meant for me god(o we love to put god in stuff )will send him from africa if he has to" O SHUT THE HELL UP!! u know good and darn well a african has approched you before and you shoot him down.QUIT saying stuff like that when you dont mean it, you know you wouldnt date a chinese man so why are you saying stupid stuff bout he gonna come from china!!???your soulmate is who U make them to be!! your soulmate is a person, your soulmate can cheat on you. your soulmate can become an alcoholic. your soulmate can say some of the most hurtful things to you take you could imagine. Because you have this "disney" concept in your mind you dont believe it!!thats one reason why women become so hurt, i said one reason not the only reason.call in and talk to us. Let us know your views about cheating.