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single by choice!....NOT!!

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thats a good question but so simple! there are several reasons why women( i can only speak for what i know) are single. first off no woman wants to be single! men dont believe the hype"im single cus i wanna be" thats a damn lie!NO WOMAN WANTS TO BE SINGLE!now there are some women who are single because theyve just had bad luck with men. but im talking about these drama having reality wannabes, trifling chicks! second some of you women need to learn how to shut the hell up! a man dont wanna hear you fussing and tripping all the time! everything does not have to turn into a damn fuss! quit holllering about how you independent! see beyonce has messed you ladies up! you have no business taking advice from a woman who trying to keep her marriage together but telling you to be independent!!that song was taken totally out of context! women men want and sufficient not independent woman!as indepenedent as beyonce is she stills let jayz know hes the man! yes we get it u got your own car,house,etc. but no man wants u to hear that all day or you constantly reminding him "how u dont need him" cus trust hell find someone that does. men want to be your superman he wants to know that he has something to offer you. notice how hoes have been coming up these days!! exactly because men want to know they are needed that they can be your superman. im not saying wait on a man or put your goals on hold. oprah has her man because she makes him feel like a man..HOW U ASK...by shutting her damn mouth about how much money she makes and what she has every two seconds! although hell never have as much money its about making a man feel like man. stop listeing to beyonce song cus she got her man!!she not singing that bullish anymore unless she doesnt want her man!! so women shut your damn mouths!! if you have everything then what can he do for you! thats the question U...YES U LADIES need to ask YOURSELVES not him but  U!