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love vs. lonely

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is it better to be lonely or better to be with someone to just to have someone to love?

It is ssoooo easy to say"well id rather be by myself than miserable with someone". It that really true!?...Think about it how many times have you compromised your values...yourSELF for someone!...Exactly! so shut the hell  up with your politcally correct self because your talking not preaching. Now if youve done that and learned your lesson then you can say that but if you find yourself doing that in almost all your realtionships and still doing it...shut up!! Of course its better to be alone that be with someone just to have someone. Guess what...lonely doesnt mean miserable! the problem is people are scared of lonely(like beyonce song) because we have made being single a sad and depressing situation. READ THIS NEXT STATEMENT CLOSELY:ANYTIME...ANYTIME U..YES UUUUU COMPROMISE YOURSELF YOU WILL END UP LOSING THE THING YOU COMPROMISED FOR!!...now i didnt say sacrifice(its a big difference between the two). often times we mistake sacrifice for compromise! nothing wrong with sacrificing for a getter goal, thats what sacrifing is. But compromising is doing what you know is wrong or not of your character for something/someone who doesnt appreciate it!...ANYTIME U COMPROMISE NOT SACRIFICE BUT COMPROMISE YOURSELF THE VERY THING YOUR COMPROMISING FOR YOU WILL END UP LOSING ANYWAY! what have you compromised for?..its not there anymore is it,exactly my point! i understand that desperation causes people to do all type of things. Unfortunately with this situation often times age(meaning after youve spent 10 years or more/most your life for that person)and or several similiar situations causes a person to finally just say"yeah id rather be by myself! after all the bad realtionships and you giving yoursef to fools! but if you havent truly"been there done that" shut the heck up because this comment only comes from true experience!