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without limits

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if you could do 3 things,good or bad and get away with it or not fail what would you do?

We have all of these wonderful quotes about living without limits! all these encouraging words to motivate and inspire. But do we really "live life as if there was no tomoorow"? Do we really "live life to the fullest"? Well i know the answer...NO! It sounds great to say,most of us live in the past(thats why you still talking about who hurt you 5 years ago)."live in the now"...people get paid hundreds of dollars sell millions of books just to tell us this stuff. We dont even do half the stuff we bought the book for or use the info from the seminar(some of you are laughing because you know youve done this, maybe more than once lol i can testify). If we did this things everyone would be living their "dream life". Instead we would rather just live in the"if i had done...,if i had the chance....if i wasnt doing this...if i had'nt married...blah blah blah! it's easier to say those things(living in the past) because its easier,why? simply because the past is just that...the past we cant do anything about it. Its just easier to blame it on the past. Living in the now takes responsibility making choice that will "hurt". Are we prepared for that? Is that what we really want? its simple to say "yes". Having action on the lips of your tongue is easy.Having action in your choices and decisions is not. My point is find those three or one thing that you truly want to do. Work hard....Work hard and again WORK...WORK HARD and you will achieve your dream(lol you didnt even have to pay for that). But todays show is about just having fun. So call in and tell me whats your living without limits!