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reality tv! is it really reality!!

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what is the obession with reality tv!! its every where,on every station!! everyone has a show about everything, mob,navy,security,hair,fashion,family,etc. i cant think of a topic thats not out there. is it really reality tv! what makes it reality? its scripted,edited,and pre rehearsed!!! why is it then called reality tv. its not real its a live broadway play lol! everyone wants to be famous but at what costs. of course id love to be on television but if i have to "dance and sing" just to have a little bit of fam, nnoooo thank you. i guess actors and actresses are really having a hard time. its just a bad as illegal downloading for a rapper/ singer. you used to have to have talent to be on tv because of sitcoms and drama series shows. no all you have to do is have a 50000 youtube views and now you get your own reality show. dont be fooled because your on tv, because webshows produce twice as many viewers as tv and there are 100 more webshows than tv.im speaking from reality tv/webshows, of course. people say"where thats where the money is" well then the saying is true...you do have to sell your soul to become famous. money makes us to some crazy things lol. whatever taqlent you have its a show for it baking,cooking,business onwer,singing,dancing,etc.. in some ways i dont feel sorry for people who sit on their talents because its a show for it all you have to do is try out. you can truly follow your dreams because of reality tv.  my question to you is,whats your excuse!? yes i have a confession i auditoned for american idol about 7 years ago,lol of course as you can see i didnt get a call back. mainly because i couldnt sing i just wanted my 5 minutes of fame. heck if a chinese guy can become a one hit wonder why cant i! lolyes we all remember him. lol whats his name again!? hollywood is a majician! dont believe everything you see because its a lot you dont see, that they dont want you to see.dont get caught up in reality,its not real