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Cell phone privacy in a relationship

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Should your mate have access to your phone?

depends the person. cell phones have taken over peoples lives. how is it you can be half way to work just to turn around and be late because you "had" to go back home and get your cell phone!!so the"people" thats calling you are so important you have to risk your job for a call!!?or how about this one(we all know someone whos done this,couldve been u) your cell rings and you damn near turn into superman/woman, leaping over beds,chairs,etc just to answer a phone but turns out its not someone youd like to talk to anyways!#HA! im am advocate of cell phones i have two what im saying is they shouldnt run your life its just a small computer! if parents watched over there children the way they do there cell phones the world would be a much better place! what do i mean by that glad you asked. you cant go five seconds without knowing where your cell phone is but can go a entire 5 hours not knowing if your child is outside,down the street, playing the there room. do you not realize how stressful a cell phone is...your mind every 15 secs wondering where your phone is you sleep with it, some even carry in the bathroom, my goodness is it a cell or your partner!i dont have anything to hide so i dont care if someone looks through my phone or not but for me its the principle of the situation if your purposely going through my phone just to find something, then thats when i have a problem. if im not around and the phone happens to ring or vibrate and your there of course its natural to look thats fine. people let up on your cells ok!! its just a phone! people had more character intergrity without phones. perfect example when there were only home phones.when you called me and told me you were on the way, you were on the way!!now i can call your cell you said you were on the way an hour ago, i ve called you twice and you refuse to answer your phone. turn your phone off, youll be more relaxed and happy!