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The New Age Parent

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The OMG lounge will be discussing the new age parent's underminded disciplianary actions.

what is this while thing about "different techniques" of parenting. now before i start im not saying one way is the only or the best way. im trying to figure out why dont parents understand the fine line between parent and friend! now i grew up in a parent only home,meaning"your parents werent your friends".i think my mom and dad established that for respect purposes because of course if your parent is your friend you wont respect them.its 2012 yes i get it"things are different". but should you compromise your parenting for friendship?. i think part of being a parent is knowing the fine line between parents and friends if you dont know that line then you shouldnt be out having babies not knowing how to parent! but thats another topic.i believe you have to Respect there decisions but Assert  your right as a parent! in other words listen to there decsisions but at the same time let them know "yes i understand but the answer is still no". when your 18  and under you are to obey your parents, when you are 19 over you are to honor your parents! every child is different but i think every child should experience a spanking at least once in there lives. now depending on the child they may need it more then once(most of us did)#ha! this new thing about lettting the child find there way and no dont spank the child is not something i agree with! as a child they dont know they have to be taugh. its like crossing the street when your were 6you couldnt cross the street alone! why,simply because you didnt know to watch out for cars, you didnt realize the danger of crossing the street without looking. the same is with raising a child, allowing them to do whatever they want only leads to a road of accidents! you can become there friend once their grown not while they are learining life!raise your children,dont please them!