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The importance of a college degree

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There are many people who are going to college to receive two and four year degrees. With the economy being in a recession, it is difficult for these individuals to find a job in their degree area. Is a college degree worth pursuing anymore? We will be discussing the pros and cons of a college degree. You decide.....

of course there are pros to having a college education! but what are you using the education for, a better job,more money,etc..it is very diffucult for a college educated person to find work these days. i have two degrees that ive have yet to use and its been a few years since i finished.i was able to find my passion my calling in college so i never had to use my education. that doesnt mean that im not gratful for it. some might say"well a college degree doesnt mean anything". lol. well i notice its only the people without one that always says that". i dont aplogize for having the opportunity to get and have a degree. having a college degree IS  suppose to give a you a step above the rest!! thats why you go to school! im supposed to be proud of my education i earned it!! but yet society doesnt glamourize education! society glamourizes going to jail, hustling, just doing all the wrong things just to make it! someone goes to  jail,we throw a big welcome home party. someone graduates from college...nothing! yes you can be glad that that person is home but be careful not to make them think that what they did was ok. the recession has given people who thought theyd never go to school or go back to school a chance to do so.this is an realignment period for most people.i think thats good i encourage everyone if you have the opportunity to go to school to do it. but if you didnt or dont want to dont put other people down or try to down play there education because you didnt or dont have one!!! brcause lets be honest thats just jealousy! dont ever be jealous of someone because they did want your to lazy to do!!