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Single & Married People Having Affairs

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Why are single and married people attracted to one another?

Single and married people is like oil and water, they dont mix!!!! I can only speak from a womans point of view. i have married friends some of them are my best friends and the one thing i told them once they were married was" Dont come to me about your marriage im single im going to give you a single point of view. If you need help talk to someone who is married"!!! Now that doesnt mean that they cant come to me about anything going on with them but i cannot give you advice on something that i dont know anything about! Im single and enjoy it!! i dont want the headaches of marriage! Single women understand married men dont leave their wives they get "put out" or the wife leaves!! thats their definiton of "leaving their wife" #HA brother please! the sad thing about it is women fall for that mess!! Ladies stop thinking with your emotions and use your damn head!! dont you think that man wife knows hes cheating!! she lives with me been living with him for years she knows and just because his wife hasnt said anything doesnt mean she doesnt know!! if you are sleeping with a married man you are a hoe!! i dont give a damn how nice you are(their are plenty of "nice" hoes out there(i.e. Hoe Trashdashian a.k.a kim )). of course hes gonna tell you his wife doenst know!! hes gonna tell you whatever he has to to keep your legs open!! if your gonna be a hoe dont be a cheap hoe! your gonna risk getting your face cut up for a room at motel 6!! not only are you a hoe but your a cheap hoe(nothing worse than a cheap slut!)i am being harse??hell no when hes caught w/you by his wife trust me hes gonna have more names than i do and its not "baby"! youve been with this man for six months and you have nothing to show but a "wet ass", no jewerly,trips!! girlfriend you better off with a "real b/f"