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Should I hold a grudge or let it go?

Grudge:to be unwilling to give or admit:give or reluctantly or resentlfully.

Grudges we all have them or carried them, but why?! To me a grudge is a "judgement" towards someone. A grudge tells me that you are "god" you are the most "holy one". When you hold a grudge you hold to a persons mistake. In other words you are "better than". Well sit down take a deep breathe I have some news to tell you...YOU ARE NOT THE JUDGE OF SOMEONE!! We all make mistakes take responsibility for yourself! so,what if they didnt apology to you.So your gonna hold on to someones mistakes because they didnt apologize! How do you know that they didnt attempt to do so!! Some of you are so darn mean and evil that even if someone does apologize you wouldnt except, so wdh are you holding the grudge for?!! Its just no pleasing some of you. Take responsibility for yourself!!! Decide what can I do, whats my part in the situation and hold on to that and make it right!!

Is it easy ot forgive HEEECCCKK NO!! BUT just like anything else forgiveness is a decision once you make up in your mind that you will forgive, forgivenss will come!! You may say"o thats easier said than done" well think about the last time you made up your mind about something. Didnt you accomplish what you set out do achieve, so forgiveness is the same way!! Is it a fight with your mind and emotions at times YEP!! When you choose not to forgive remember you are not perfect you WILL make a mistake. Youll want the same forgiveness, you wouldnt want someone holding on to what you did to them. I believe in karma, what goes around comes around. Now if you had a tramamtic situation in your life,you made need to seek therapy before you can begin to heal and forgive.YOU CANT CHANGE WHAT SOMEONE HAS DONE BUT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE HOW TO HANDLE IT! DIS-EASE dont cause DISEASE in your life because of unforgiveness.