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Single VS Marriage

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What are the pros and cons of being single vs being married?

Single vs. Married to each its own. In reality i dont think that you can compare the two. Just as everyone is not meant to have kids or attend college i feel not everyone is meant to be married. Yes everyone desires companionship! Being married and companionship are two different subjects. I enjoy the single life! Not because of parties, its not having accountability to anyone. Some say that thats immature or its time to grow up. Everyone matures in their own time. I said i enjoy being single NOT  irresponsible!! theres a distinct difference between the two, although many feel that being single often means irresponsible.  Marriage is a life long committment and thats a huge decision to make. In making that theres several factors that are involved. thats not a decision id like to make right now. Marriage is a wonderful decision! being single is a wonderful decision as well! People marry for various reasons good and bad, the same with being single. I can only defend what i know, thats being single. I love coming home alone, doing as i please! At the same time sometimes i do wish I had someone to share my most inner thoughts with. I heard a saying once "single people sad married people mad, single people enjoy your life, married people enjoy your companionship!" lol such a true statement. No matter where you are in life enjoy it. You only have one life to live why live it always waiting on the "next big thing". We are always in a rush " i cant wait to finish college, i cant wait til im 21, i cant wait til i lose weight". QUIT WAITING AND ENJOY LIFE NOW! this is not a practice or trial run, your life!! Stop comparing yourself to your friends " i wish i had there life". well you dont you have yours!! What are you going to do with it? either find joy in being single or regret being married?? Stop wishing and waiting! ENJOY YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!