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Should people shack before marriage?

In todays society what used to be unexceptable or taboo has now become the "norm". "Shacking up" should be taken just as seriously as marriage. Some feel that living together before marriage ensures a better/stronger marriage, after all "we know each other now".To each its own I say. In some ways living together before marriage is a "cop out" for marrige. My opinion is if Im going to deal with all the issues that comes along with living together I may as well get married, at least I know why and what Im holding on too! Now theres the case where couples live together with no intent of getting married, they just casually live together because thats just what they do. Lifes not a trial run. Once your life is over its done! I wouldnt dare waste precious time and moments from my life just "playing house" with someone and theres no intent for marriage.

This generation doesnt realize the importance of marriage because some feel as though" well my mama didnt marry so why should I" Marriage is like anything else in life(college,children,etc)no its not for everyone. I get it because I dont feel its for me I love dating and have no desire for marriage simply because I dont know any successful marriages in my life.That doesnt mean that it doesnt exist, I just havent seen any in my life.This generation doesnt like/want to take responsibilty for there actions. They find ways around doing what they want to do without doing it the morally right way. Why would you live with someone for 5-6 yrs have children and never marry? Simple, older people would say "why buy the cow when they already have the milk".

Why isnt marriage celebrated but living "happily together is (i.e. shakin up)? Women we set the standards and unfortunately our standards have depelted. To each its own. Whatever works for you. "Shackin up" is not for me.