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Ex-Wallstreeter exposes the truth behind raising capital for start-up and early stage companies.

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We will discuss these salient points: 1 . The Key Points to Selling a Private Placement of Securities 2. How Stockbrokers Sell Securities 3. Getting the Message Through 4. Where's the Money? 5. Get investors to call you!

To comply with federal and state securities laws and to actually sell you securities to investors you'll need to answer these questions and more... 1. What does your company do and why is it different from the competition? 2. Who are... more

The valuation of your company, using the Wall Street pricing model, utilizes the P/E ratio as its core-pricing component. That component is determined primarily by the estimated annual earnings growth rate. Once again,... more

Making structural changes means changing the deal structure of a securities offering. Reworking your securities' features and benefits will be relatively easy once you have entered the financial assumptions into the CapPro™.... more

Your new company or project will generally be viewed as very high risk by most savvy investors; therefore, a very high return potential must accompany that risk, but not too high, otherwise it becomes unbelievable or a ?too good to be true?... more

The philosophy behind creating a marketable deal structure, also known as a ?transaction? structure, primarily concerns the priority afforded investors' interests with respect to the return of principal and profit. To arrive at a marketable deal... more

There are three basic types of organizational structure in which you can sell an ownership interest: a partnership, an LLC (limited liability company), or a corporation. Learn how each entity works and the beneifts of one over the other.

Before examining the mechanics of deal structuring, you need understand how investment banks, the ?players? in larger capital markets, work. Once you understand how the investment banking divisions of Wall Street firms work, you... more

It's not so much what Entrepreneurs do that makes them succeed at raising capital… It's more what they do or don't do that makes them fail. Learn what NOT to do, before it's just too late.

From Understand Institutional Sources of capital, to "Testing the Waters", using broker dealers, creating a Finance Department to compete for capital and bring it all together - we'll discuss the Rules of the Game!