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The 80/20 Running Formula as explained by Author Matt Fitzgerald is a concept of training that is proven effective for Marathon Running. Running Easy 80% of the time and Hard 20% of the time will yield better race results and minimize... more

An Interview with Dr Nicholas Romanov, author and creator of The Pose Method of Running. Dr Romanov is arguably one of the first running coaches to identify the importance of shifting to a Natural Running style to reduce injuries and... more

Cliff English is the task master of some of the top triathletes in the world today. Through his unique coaching style he is credited with several podium finishes for the pro's in his stable, which now include Leanda Cave, Heather Jackson and... more

Join Richard Diaz and his guest, Coach Jenny Hadfield as they discuss an exotic running vacation: The Havana Cuba Half Marathon. Due to the US embargo, Cuba has been restricted for US travelers. This is a unique chance to visit... more

The Running Shoe Industry does not design shoes that help us perform better and safer; they make shoes based on market research and fashion trends. Listen as Jay Dicharry PT and gait analyst helps us sort through the confusion... more

Anyone who exercises or is training for a Marathon or Triathlon needs to listen to this show. Richard Diaz and guest Dr. Harry Pino, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, discuss the benefits and methods of effective heart rate training and why you... more

The first leg of a triathlon is the Swim. Ocean swimming can be challenging and potentially dangerous for triathletes. Join Richard Diaz and Chris Sinkovich of 2XU North America discuss; proper fit, care and purchase decision of a great... more

Proper feeding as a triathlete is critical to success. Join us as Anthony Almada explains what to eat, before, during and after a triathlon to get the most out of your performance. This information also serves Marathon and Ultra Marathon... more

In Part III of Going Faster, we brought in John Cobb, an expert in aerodynamics and creator of the new Rudy Project Wing 57 Aero Racing Helmet for Time Trials and Triathlon Racing. Learn how much difference it makes to wear an... more

In Triathlon, Cycling Aerodynamics shaves precious time. Paul Lew, Director of Technology & Innovation at Reynolds Cycling explains; the importance of the right aero wheels for every condition and when they make a difference. This... more
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