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Frank talk and expert advice for runners from novice to elite. Learn how to run faster, smarter and healthier!

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Anyone who exercises or is training for a Marathon or Triathlon needs to listen to this show. Richard Diaz and guest Dr. Harry Pino, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, discuss the benefits and methods of effective heart rate training and why you should do it. Dr Pino is a practicing East Coast Physiologist who performs VO2 max tests on athletes to prescribe effective heart rate specific training programs. Our host, Richard Diaz is a West Coast Clinician and coach with 20 years' experience prescribing training programs for athletes based on the VO2 max testing he performs. This is East meets West, a coming of minds on the topic of heart rate specific training. How best to conduct the principals of training for endurance and speed, what to expect and all details in between. This show is perfect for anyone interested in health and fitness or competition in any sport.
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Some say the ability to run fast is a gift.Our host Richard Diaz says; ?Running is a skill, with proper training and knowledge running faster can be taught?. Listen as our host and co-host Vanessa Runs reveal a scientific approach to... more

Running 100 miles is no simple task. Ever wonder if you have what it takes to run across Death Valley? Listen as Richard Diaz, world renowned ultra-marathon runner Marshall Ulrich, and our Trail Running expert Vanessa Runs discuss what... more

Are you obsessed with your running? Dr Michelle Cleere and our host Richard Diaz and guests Charlie Engle and Vanessa Runs discuss what constitutes a running obsession. For Charlie, it may be he runs for a cure, Vanessa simply... more

In this final episode Richard Diaz will help you assemble all of the critical elements of your marathon training program so that you will run your best race ever! We'll touch on the 4 phases of training, hydration, feeding and tapering.... more

This is the 3rd episode of our series on Heart Rate Training for Runners. Listen as our host Richard Diaz, helps you better understand the benefit of Anaerobic Training, which he commonly refers to as ?The Dark Side? a key element of... more

This is the second of a 4 part series on Heart Rate Training for Runners. Listen as our host Richard Diaz, helps you establish critical elements of training and an easy way to effectively check your progress leading up to your next marathon.... more

This is the first of a 4 part series on Heart Rate Training for Runners. If you don't train with heart rate, after listening to our host Richard Diaz, you will. Training for your first Marathon or Half Marathon? He'll teach you to train smarter... more

Just a reflection from our host Richard Diaz over some of the interviews we have done in 2013 and a few quick comments before we leave 2013. Looking forward to great things in the New Year!

Barefoot training is the most effective means of developing a strong, stable, injury free running form. Listen as our host Richard Diaz interviews Dr Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist and founder of the Evidence Based... more

John Cobb is world renowned for his expertise in aerodynamics, the wind tunnel and as bike fitter to the most competitive triathletes and cyclists in racing. Listen as our host Richard Diaz interviews John Cobb, innovator and founder of... more
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