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The Half Marathon is the most popular running event in the world today. More runners participate in this distance than any other race. Join Richard Diaz as he discusses training for this event with Luke Humphrey, Author of Hansons Half... more

If you are on a diet, any diet, you need to listen to this show. Best Selling Author Matt Fitzgerald has a lot to say about ?One true way to eat? for maximum heath diets. Nutrition is plagued with fallacy and we're going to expose some of these... more

Joseph Gray, one of the most versatile professional long distance runners in the world from 10k on track to ultra-marathons on trial; he runs it all and wins most of the time. Join Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs as they chat with The... more

Meet Teagan Redden an 8 year old Ultra Marathon Runner. Both her and her 11 years old brother Tajh Redden are accomplished Ultra Marathon Runners, Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs beg the question, what's too young to run?... more

The Internet coupled with the advent of Bluetooth and GPS provides a unique opportunity to virtually coach runners online. Join Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs as they discuss the benefits and provide real time support for one of... more

Every runner fears hitting the wall as they reach the 20 mile mark in a marathon. They also fear gastric distress if they consume too much or too little energy on the course. Listen as Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs interview Anthony Almada,... more

Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs say ?Today is a great day to be reminded of how demanding we are as endurance athletes and the potential strain we can put on a relationship. We should be more understanding to non-running... more

This winter the weather has been challenging. Running in extreme cold weather requires discipline and preparation. Join Richard Diaz and co-host Vanessa Runs as she calls from her igloo as we discuss what to wear and how to prepare for... more

Join Richard Diaz and Vanessa Runs as they chat with nutrition experts Matt Fitzgerald and Georgie Fear co-authors of the ?Racing Weight Cookbook? learn to prepare delicious meals that help you lose weight and keep you lean... more

Some say the ability to run fast is a gift.Our host Richard Diaz says; ?Running is a skill, with proper training and knowledge running faster can be taught?. Listen as our host and co-host Vanessa Runs reveal a scientific approach to... more
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