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The Mystery Man

The Mystery Man


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As you already know my name is Michael Dilger, or perhaps some of you better know me as the Mystery Man or the Darkest of all Dark Horses--be that as it may I'm running as a Republican candidate for The U.S. House of Representatives in the Illinois 14th district. Really I'm on the ballot as a Republican, but I say centrist here, because it's about time both the Republicans and Democrats come together --that is why my political website is called Congressional, meaning to unite. I can help achieve the unification of the parties for the common purpose to better all Americans and work cooperatively with all people throughout the world, so that we not only survive, and not only live, but "Flourish" as was the intent of our creator. So without further ado our internet radio talk show’s theme will allow you to call in to discuss your top three issues that you blogged, because we will take a vote later in 2008 and this will be my mandate that I will take to Washington (please see: http://www.freewebs.com/congressionaldilger). Or you may call in to discuss anything that concerns you locally, nationally or globally so that we may "bargain a bipartisan" and strive for solutions—after all, I am the Mystery Man, who accepts the societal mysteries, then demystifying it, and finally giving it back to humanity for more truth. I am greatly looking forward to this, because all great things happen through dialogue. Peace and Magis (Strive for Excellence), Congressional Michael Dilger, a.k.a. "The Mystery Man", but with an aim to make the world less mysterious, so all Darkest of Dark Horses see the light.

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The Mystery Man is back at the Freedom Museum to air the boradcast that never aired last Thursday, October 30, 2008. (If you will, one of the messages here is, when things don't work the first time, try again---now that is Freedom, a... more

Dr. Love is a new radio show by The Mystery Man to help people with either troubled, mediocre, or what appears to be a happy--an everything is just fine stance taken between the couples. After all, the aim of this show is to demystify... more

By the time this show airs, the U.S. Presidential election will be a little more than four days away--Remember, "November 4th" is voting day. Therefore, the purpose of this show is to unveil the purpose of The Freedom Museum which... more

"Gifts for Grand Slams" is a show to unveil the wonderful human potential, one person at a time, and then upon recognizing their gifts and obtaining their dreams, this person helps another person through the gifts' process, so in turn all... more

Happy 4th of July (Post Game--with the Fireworks, live from White Sox Park, Chicago IL., USA.)

Happy 4th of July, live from White Sox Park in Chicago IL., USA.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, and poem to follow.

Today is President Washington's Birthday. However, everyday should be Presidents Day. Every person living in America has an infinite amount to be thankful for, especially for the public service of our Presidents. The show's theme... more

The Mystery Man is back. Some may wonder what V-Day has to do with politics. In short, if we had a global 365 days of V-day, we wouldn't have had a wartime V-day. The show's format will consist of 1.) Intro. 2.)Conversation with my friend... more

DEFINITELY A SHOW TO NOT MISS THE NIGHT BEFORE ELECTION DAY: The second Mystery Man show will deal with important domestic and world issues that need discussion to propopse solutions for 1.)Ending Global Terrorism and... more