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The Skufflin Hillbilly's. With your hosts Dave and Brian is a loosey goosey Round table discussion of the news and events that effect Christian teens. SIKE! Your host are known as Brian's guide to myspace and beyond and Son os Savior Self, two of MySpace's hipest iconoclasts are gonna stomp a mud hole in your ass and talk it dry! Religion, Race, Comedy, Music, Celebs, Sex, Scandals, even politics. We love fat chicks. No Seriously we do. No Douche bags or anyone with no since of humor please. Call in number is (646)478-3286

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Who even reads this? Don't miss our show tonight, it's gonna be ballz to the wall Cobgobblery! Holla

Ready for instant nostaglia? Who rocked your world in the 1995? Were you and Jagged Little Pill, or were you too busy moshin in the pit? Also, Brian went to the doctor and had a finger put in his rear end! That should make a good story!... more

Put the kids to bed and find out why The Skufflin Hillbillys are the new darlings of the interwebs.

The Winners of the NIGHT OWL mini-contest Tyler the Corporate Zombie - clever names for masturbation Free Sacrcasm - greatest movie quotes Mary - people you hate Just Some Bitch - the stupidest thing i've done drunk/stoned

Do the Viagra and Herpes comercials on TV annoy you? Maybe you have herpes and need the info? We are living in the golden age of Women's sports, but how do the ladies stack up against the men?

Get your bowl of fruity Pebbles ready and join Dave and Brian as they wax philosophic about the golden age of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Guess how long Brian can go without cussing! The smart money says 3 minutes! Is a potty... more

Lets talk 80's music. Can you think of someone better than Micheal? Also talking about people that ruined there legacy. Famous molesters. Also worst sex ever. You ever had someone dead in the sack?

So your voting for the next closest thing to president Bush? Why? Explain please because you are either old, racist both maybe or you know something we don't. I am sure we will have some updates on the ass's we kick in basketball too.

Who was the poorest? Why do girls deny farting? When they don't deny it why do they do it in front of us. That is so gross. Lady's defend yourself.