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This show tries to make sense out of this sometimes senseless world! It can be edgy, smart, and sometimes a little weird ! Just like the world we live in !

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I'm trying to figure out why "some" Black men feel the need to bash Black women on TV., on utube, on the streets, etc. Do other races care ? What's the point ? Are Black men just embarrassing themselves ? Call me & give me some answers !... more

Did u see the Tiger Woods cheap looking photo shoot ? What was the point ? Also, for some reason Black people love non-Black celebrities with low talent. ! I'll give you examples ! Tune in or you'll miss out ! LISA

Didn't get to it the last episode. The title says it all ! :o) Lisa

Some men complain when women are too successful & resourceful so they get a chick that's more "needy". This may satisfy the ego temporarily but will it work long term ? Plus chick stuff that I'm just not feeling. Join me ! LISA

Have you heard how Black men don't like to travel or Black women don't like to go to the opera ? Is that just an excuse to hop the fence or is this stuff true ? Call and let me know LISA

Is it natural to abstain from being "intimate" for the rest of your life like nuns and priests ? Is it working for them ? Is there something wrong with a 40 or 50 year old virgin who's waiting for marriage ? Call and let me know ! LISA

Wow, the list of topics is endless ! Some topics that have been worn out are "the down low epidemic", "the so-called angry Black woman" etc. Tune in tonight & I'll add more to list. Call in and give me your list ! This episode is going to be a... more

How was your Valentine's Day? Was the wine chilled? Were the candles lit? Or were you barking orders and making demands? Where is the love? Call and let me know. LISA

The Christopher Dorner incident got me thinking about fear & what do I fear the most. Would you fear a letter from the IRS more than getting pulled over by a cop at night, by yourself, no witnesses or would you fear a criminal the most ?... more

Were Black people smarter back in the day or am I just getting old and crankie ? Did we go from Charles Drew to Lil Wayne or is it just my imagination ? Listen, Call in, & let me know ! LISA