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This show tries to make sense out of this sometimes senseless world! It can be edgy, smart, and sometimes a little weird ! Just like the world we live in !

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There are so many laws and rules to follow. Some visible, some not so visible. It's easy to be labeled a bully, a racist, a terrorist etc. There's laws about jumbo sodas, stop & frisk, smoking, etc. If you don't agree with little boys wearing... more

The F.B.I. considered Martin Luther King JR. the most dangerous man in America. Who would have thought in 2013 a Black women would be put on the F.B.I. 's most wanted terrorist list with a 2 million dollar bounty on her head !... more

People may call Americans lazy but other countries always have their hands out to accept our help & support. If we are lazy have we earned the right to be lazy ? Also rapper Scareface expressed his views on the state of the music... more

Not you personally :o) But this episode is dedicated to those wanna be, so called, experts on Black people who are so paranoid and confused I think they just love to hear themselves talk ! I'll give you some examples. Are they all talk and no... more

First it was Black women & their fear of the down low brotha. Now Black men are analyzing other Black men, their friends, singers, movie stars to see if they are gay ! Can they really tell? Is it a waste of time ? Also , we make fun of hoes... more

What's up with Magic Johnson's son ? How come people don't know the difference between being overweight and a pregnancy? Beyonce and evil spirits ? Call me ! LISA

I'm trying to figure out why "some" Black men feel the need to bash Black women on TV., on utube, on the streets, etc. Do other races care ? What's the point ? Are Black men just embarrassing themselves ? Call me & give me some answers !... more

Did u see the Tiger Woods cheap looking photo shoot ? What was the point ? Also, for some reason Black people love non-Black celebrities with low talent. ! I'll give you examples ! Tune in or you'll miss out ! LISA

Didn't get to it the last episode. The title says it all ! :o) Lisa

Some men complain when women are too successful & resourceful so they get a chick that's more "needy". This may satisfy the ego temporarily but will it work long term ? Plus chick stuff that I'm just not feeling. Join me ! LISA