The Legion Of Donuts

The Legion Of Donuts


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Four Henderson, Nevada geeks broadcasting from the depths of Legion of Donuts headquarters, in the the heart of Donut Country.

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Plainiac has invited a group of his... 'Scientific peers'... To witness the unveiling of his new device, much to the chagrin of the other members of the Legion. Meanwhile, discussions are held about science, video games, and in depth... more

The Legion brings you the best ways to drive someone insane, talks about infecting the world's population with deadly viruses (relax, FBI, it's a video game), and plots a secret attack on an unknown target. Join them in their exploits... more

The Legion's muscle, Solomon Crumbly has come up with an idea for a new weapon, while meanwhile, the Legion discusses more important geek topics such as video games, Guardians of the Galaxy, (Spoilers!: There are no spoilers... more

Deadpool, drinking games, wandering topics, the return of an old classic, and more await you in this mid-week episode of your favorite breakfast-themed villians. Making up for lost time, a full hour awaits you to listen to today, share... more

Having been trapped in the Netherverse for the past year,, the Legion have fought their way back to the airwaves to bring you the best in Geek and Nerd news and discussion. That's right, the original four memebers of your favorite podcast have... more

The Legion makes their triumphant return to the Interwebz after a grueling hiatus. Yes, Steve and David are back to bring you the best in Geek News. Sit yourself down and open your ear-holes towards your computer speakers and get your fill!... more

The Legion squares off against their new-old foe and finally lives up to their claims of being super villains. ...By pitching a fit. Join them as they discuss the hot topics of the Geek and Nerd world. And make sure to get your phones ready for... more

The Legion returns from deep... Somewhere to explain their new format. ...As best they can. Standards are .... Standard. Enjoy! ....ELIPSIES!!

The Legion returns to talk geekness, nerdness, and to make fun of Natalie's laugh. After so long away, most of the members are eager to get back to dwelling on things that will never actually end up effecting their lives... unless they... more

The Legion returns from the unscheduled holiday break short a few members and plus a few pounds. With just two of your regular hosts, the Legion has vowed to never take a week off again until some other time when they just don't feel like... more
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