Star Trek Villains - From Khan To The Borg Queen

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The Last Reel Show

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With news that J.J. Abram's upcoming feature film "Star Trek: Into Darkness" - to be released in May 2013 - will finally have its villain's identity revealed, fans are wildly speculating if it will be a retread of Khan (Ricardo Montalban) or a new incarnation of Gary Mitchell (Gary Lockwood), who battled Kirk in the 2nd pilot of the original series, 'Where No Man Has Gone Before.'

Join Tom & Will for a villainous chat of enemy goodness.  No matter who's ultimately the big baddie, 'Star Trek' has bad boys and girls to spare.  From Admiral Chang (Christopher Plummer), a vengeful Klingon conspirator, to the dark, mystical allure of the predatory Borg Queen (Alice Krige), the universe that Gene Roddenberry created never lacks a few good, bad men, women or aliens!

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