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The Jacque Heebner Pet Show

The Jacque Heebner Pet Show


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The Jacque Heebner Pet Show is an animal radio talk show led by show host Jacque Heebner (Author First Person Cat). Jacque Heebner will explore the souls of animals and interview informative and fun guests from pet psychics to pet experts, sharing with listeners the inner secrets of animals and their communication with people. Jacque's special features will include reading excerpts from her Award-winning book First Person Cat, a Beverly Hills mystery novel told by Tiffany, a beautiful tortoise shell Persian cat, who solves the crime of her owner by befriending the detective and revealing the murderer, plus interviews with celebrity animal lovers! Join us every two weeks live! It's the purrfect pet radio talk show! Meow!

On-Demand Episodes

My very special guest will be actress, author, dancer & teacher, Dee Wallace. Dee has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest names including Steven Spielberg (E.T.) Peter Jackson, Wes Craven and Blake Edwards (10.) I am thrilled to... more
The Jacque Heebner Pet Show

Tippi Hedren on First Person Cat

  • by The Jacque Heebner Pet Show
?The beautiful Beverly Hills Tiffany, Tiff to a select few, will guide you through a most fascinating, page flipping murder mystery. It deals with the rich, the conniving, the rock and film stars, the devious and then ever clever Beverly Hills... more

My special guest will be Karena Martin, co-owner and associate dog trainer of UrbanPet and owner of WAGS, a dog hiking company located in L.A. Karena has always had a passion for animals. She has been a veterinary technician and... more

I have a very special guest for my show all about CATS! The wonderful Tippi Hedren! Tippi is primarily known for her roles in Alfred Hitchcock films and her extensive efforts in animal rescue at Shambala Preserve.
The Jacque Heebner Pet Show

The Cat House on the KIngs

  • by The Jacque Heebner Pet Show
Please visit The Cat House on the Kings web site to learn more about this amazing animal sanctuary and adoption center. Spread the word! Thank you! Jacque :) www.cathouseonthekings.com

My guests will include Jeff Marginean author of My Buddy Butch:Confessions of a New Dog Dad and host of My Buddy Butch Radio Show (www.mbbradio.com) and the wonderful Lynea Lattanzio, Founder of Cat House on the Kings,... more

With special guests Venita and Dawn from Helping Persian Cats rescue group. Helping Persian Cats rescues Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs, Scottish Folds, British Shorthairs and other cats, and places them in responsible... more

My very special guest will be Janice Brown, Founder of Tails Magazine, the largest pet lifestyle magazine in the U.S. Janice will be on the show to discuss her amazing letter-writing campaign called Letters for Pets, urging President Obama... more

My very special guest will be Lori Spagna, founder of Efil’s God (Dog’s Life backwards). Lori is a canine behavioral expert, communicator, healer and educator for the spiritually conscious with over 20 years experience. During this... more
The Jacque Heebner Pet Show

Cats are love...

  • by The Jacque Heebner Pet Show
A Message for the Holidays No matter what you call it, or how you celebrate the Christmas Holidays, the common denominator is: LOVE. So open your heart, and for only a few pennies and effort, make a visit to an animal shelter and get to... more