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Take It Easy

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The Intended Life

The Intended Life


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Hello World!

Today my friends, today we do things the easy way.  Like nearly all of the topics I choose for the show this should be common sense, but common sense is perhaps the most valuable sense, so we like to give it extra love and attention.  We live in a time where everything is either way simpler than ever before, or way more complicated, and sometimes both all at once.  For example; buying a soft drink.  No other time in history has the amount of tasty beverages to choose from been so vast, readily available, and easy to purchase.  And at the same time, there are all sorts of crazy synthetic ingredients in almost every soft drink and there is a massive and complicated infrastructure that makes it all possible.

With all of the accesible options, products, and world views coaelescing like never before it's important that we bring some clarity into our lives, otherwise in 30 years who knows how ridiculously complex life will be in the name of comfort.  Ideally our lives should be getting easier all the time, but it's in our nature to hunger for a puzzle to grapple with, something to occupy our mind.  Humans love games, and drama, and effort.  It's ridiculous but it's true.  So what can you do? Be Eeeassy babay!  Some things are never going to get simpler, washing your dishes by hand, is always going to be washing your dishes by hand.  And that's fine! Don't struggle with it.  Enjoy those dishes, because it's all so simple.  And this goes for everything in life, don't expect things to be difficult just because it's important to you, let it happen.  Life can be easy and graceful and pleasant and all of those things, but you gotta be willing to let it be so.  If it's too hard, you're probably doing it wrong.

For todays show I will be joined by my special guest Mr. Brian Shapiro!