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"The Inner Core" Hosted by Dr. Cliff Brickman -MAIDEN VOYAGE

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Dr Cliff and Still Soft Voice

Dr Cliff and Still Soft Voice


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Here we discuss "The Still, Soft Voice" - your questions and experiences: What this is, How it helps in our lives.

The SSV is a spiritual & psychological dimension within us all; it's sometimes hidden, sometimes not.

Show is hosted by Author, Therapist & Integrative Healthcare provider, Dr. Clifford Brickman.

Dr. Brickman works with "The Still, Soft Voice," has authored a book by the same name, which is now on Amazon.com and at www.stillsoftvoice.com

Can check out more at,  www.dr-cliff.com

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0:04 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Hello. Welcome to The Still, Soft Voice. Join the adventure; nourish your spirit, journey from the straitjacket of ego to an intriguing enchanting place of limitless winds of light.

0:48 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Hello, again this is Dr. Cliff Brickman. After going through the countdown here, we begin the show. This is the first and the maiden voyage, so it'll take me a little time to get my sea legs here, but I think that will be coming soon. So, perhaps we'll talk to some people a little later.. In the meantime, I will give you kind of a summary of what this is all about. What is The Still, Soft Voice? It's the concept that many people already know about and many people have no idea about. It's something deep within, and this is something in my own practice of psychotherapy many years ago that came up when it was necessary for it to come up, from some particular person's point of view, someone I was working with; and then from there, we went on to replicate the experience with something called The Still, Soft Voice or that I also refer to as reaching the inner core. So the first couple of things that occurred were pleasantly shocking, a bit overwhelming and very enjoyable really--kind of like the beginning of this radio program as well; even though that was many years ago, that was in 1989. It was a good year, 1989, and I replicated, as it turned out, the same experience 24 times and it took me all this time to put it into a form that will show people what it's all about. So it is now in book form, hardback and softback at the moment, soon to be out in eBook as well and it shows the first 12 experiences in great detail. You can kind of join the experience or just review the experience, either way.

2:55 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Invest emotionally in it, or invest some energy into kind of going into the experience but don't do that while you're driving, please; it's almost like a hypnotic experience, but then so is reading--I don't think you'd want to do that while driving either. The first 12 are greatly detailed. It's about exactly how this all emerged. The second 12 are one-page summaries of some challenges, so altogether in this first book, it covers 24 experiences with The Still, Soft Voice. So, this book is a Chronicle and an Adventure with this experience. And having or reaching The Still, Soft Voice is something hard to describe; so I let it kind of describe itself in the reading, but in this show and in these broadcasts, we will talk about it further, and we may also have some people calling in asking questions. If currently you're on the line, the call-in for guests is 347-308-8936, again that's 347-308-8936. Now, let's see what can I tell you? I do actually prefer questions because that brings out a deeper part of me that comes out rather spontaneously, and I like that. I enjoy that. It's akin to The Still, Soft Voice. Sometimes this reaches deeper, sometimes not as much, and the questions do help. So, without the questions let me go further in describing maybe how to go about reading the book.

4:53 Dr. Cliff Brickman

The first part of the book is my own experience, how I kind of got to this, and then three years later, a breakthrough to the inner core in 1989, and then we have a series of 4, 4 and 4 for the first twelve chapters. I refer to these groups as (- I'm actually reviewing this on Amazon.com as we speak, if you go onto Amazon, their books, and you put in three separate words "Still-Soft-Voice", two books will pop up, the hardback and the softback. The hardcover is going for a very - I was going to say ridiculously low amount, but I'm just happy that the concepts gets out there and Amazon is helping with this. It's also available on mostly all of the other sites and resources as well. So under the softback, it is more detailed at the moment.-) I do say the First wave of people are the Lamplighters and then we have a Second, Third and Fourth wave as well, and now, just a quick rundown on the Lamplighters. We have Myron and then John G, Robert, and Joseph. So, Myron was the initial breakthrough. He was very "tough" on me: he wanted lots of hypnotherapy, which I didn't do primarily. I was primarily doing psychotherapy, family therapy and all the therapies, but he wanted unrelenting hypnotherapy, and then finally we did have a breakthrough! What exactly happened : going from negativity moving into a very positive area called The Still, Soft Voice ... so moving from pathology into health.

7:03 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Not that it fixes everything--but it's nice to know that it's there, all along. Some may call it soul, others will just call it inner wisdom, but some type of greater intelligence that we all possess, whether we acknowledge it or not or whether we think the other guy or gal experiences it or not. Second person is John G, a Vietnam veteran, and he was the first low hypnotizable to work with this. We made a little bit of inroads more than I realized but years later, realized we actually did have some connection with it much sooner than I thought, but made more an obvious connection, which he did nearly a year later. Third person, Robert--that was an amazing breakthrough. So, from going from Myron with some pressures and difficulties, and then John where it didn't seem we were making any progress on it, that it wasn't happening, yet it was. And then suddenly, we came up with just a wonderful breakthrough, a breakout, Robert and the Core. (Here on Amazon to the effect, I'll find it here..) "He wondered no more about spirituality, now he knew." The fourth person Joseph--another amazing experience, a breakout and a breakthrough. All of this stuff came out. And from the beginning, I realized that I had better take great notes; and by that time I started with Robert, I thought, "I think I'd better chronicle all this in detail." And then by Joseph, we do have the whole transcript! And at the end of his experience.. /It is something that Joseph was really interested in for a whole year that I had little idea what he was thinking and about a deeper place/ ...

9:08 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Turns out we reached it. His comment at the conclusion of this was. "I loved that, that was g-r-e-a-t, and you want to know what it looked like? There was a light, just a light and then, like winds of light just going around. And in those winds of light is anything you want, whatever it is you want, they're there..." So that was the First wave, which I refer to as the Lamplighters. We'll talk more in the future times about the second wave, the Pathfinders, the third wave, the Trailblazers, and then the fourth wave--are summaries of 12 Challenges that we ran into. That's a little bit of background on the book. For those of you like reading briefly or from the back to the front, start with the second 12 one-page chapters. For those of you who want to really immerse yourself into the discovery as it occurred, as it happened, you could start with Myron and then go from there to John and Robert and Joseph. Don't get stuck at John like I was and he was, and we were. We thought we got nowhere but then actually as it turned out, we did get somewhere. So you keep moving on and you'll have the experience of this. And one note I have next to the Pioneers is, "It is exceedingly close to you." It is, thus I mean it really is very close to us. I say 'thus' because it's based upon my experience with it. That doesn't mean we know about it--but it's there. One third of all people have a great understanding about this and because they hear it.

11:04 Dr. Cliff Brickman

They might not listen very closely but they hear it. It's not a pathological voice. It's a healthy, wise, voice and it is like a Lamplighter. One third of people will believe that this is all bunk that it just doesn't really take place, 'It's in someone's imagination.' Well, it does partly come through the imagination but some people have better, better consciousness in terms of creative imagination or creativity and they're also more tuned into deeper elements. They may be more introvertive most likely; but in either extrovertive or introvertive, they do have much higher hypnoabilities that can be determined clinically, can be determined scientifically or by testing, so to speak. So, one third really know about this. One third need to be taught by the other third who normally, perhaps, they won't even listen to. Because that first third is very logical and sometimes a bit autocratic, shall we say?, very cognitive-oriented and they really don't tune into these things. But they would do well to learn about it and to at least realize that it is there, within them. It might not be easy to reach for them--but it is there. There is that white light helping them out. And then the third-third, like me and one-third of all of you, are in the middle. So we can kind of a little bit relate to the high hypno-ability people, and a little bit relate to the "low hypnotizable" people and then we too can understand this even without being in such deep contact with it all the time.

13:02 Dr. Cliff Brickman

I guess that is a little bit of background about this. We hope to have some people calling in, in the future, and we will answer any questions; and comments, or even sharing your own experience with the inner core--with your own Still, Soft Voice. So thanks for joining us on this original initial voyage of the radio show and we are looking forward to being in touch. So stay in touch, be in touch, and may you find and keep in touch with your own inner core.

14:07 Dr. Cliff Brickman

Bye for now.