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Come to the place where the upper realm, middle realm and under realm meet. Do you walk between worlds? Trying to live a life of magic while still paying the bills, trying to get a break from the kids and pets and making time to breathe? Come to the In-Between, share your successes and hilarious failures, and catch up with some reflections, spells and recipes or other cultural bits relevant for the witch or pagan with Celtic yearnings.

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Wish you could just use a little bit o' what you've got to push back against unfair treatment, the old fashioned way? Learn a little bit about curses in old traditions, going back to the Roman Empire, and into semi-modern Irish culture. Check... more

As we prepare for Thanksgiving holiday in the US, I received a great suggestion for a show topic: practicing gratitude and how that applies to magical practice. I have some ideas for your consideration and hope you find them helpful. It's a... more

Annelise and Luke finally meet Anya, find out what she wants in exchange for sending them home. They find the environment disorienting and the world much more like the folk tales than they could have imagined.

A discussion about how to add some enchantment to places that sorely lack it, as a way of giving back to the world. Also a poem "Morning Poem" from Mary Oliver and a song from the group "Moon and the Night Spirit."

In this episode, I share a piece of Scottish folklore that explores the otherworld, methods of healing, means of magic, and the tales enjoyed by people at firesides for generations before ourselves. I hope you enjoy it these stories about... more

This is an episode with little bits of things that have just come to mind lately such as discerning your real desire before casting spells, a couple words on ethics of spellwork, and defense from the toxic effects of modern life and on rare... more

Now that spring is quite possibly showing its face around here, I have a chance to talk for a few minutes about the sacrificial king, gods of the cycle that usually represent vegetation and the green world. I have information about these across... more

For a brief synopsis of our story so far: Luke and Annelise accidentally stumble into an Otherworld landscape and can't return home. They encounter many perils while seeking for a magickal being named Anya, who is reputed to be able to... more

On this cold winter night we explore a winter moon and Arianrhod, the mistress of the bowl of night. Enjoy some winter sky magic with a suggested activity to help you chart your fate tapestry, and hear an outstanding song: "Moon" from Omnia.

Luke, Annelise and a group of Hunters are stranded and wounded in the Edge.
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