The Ice Man Show

The Ice Man Show

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Discussion of social, political and economical challenges that face the Black Diaspora in the United States and internationally.

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We will continue to discuss this polarizing case, and the racism that still exists in America. Join the discussion!

We will discuss how Americans are really doing in the country. Call the Guest Call-In: (347) 945-7663.

We will discuss how American Men become safe havens for wayward hoes, skanks and skaliwags! Join the discussion!!

We will discuss how the American government and Corporate America is shaping our society where we have to get married or pay for sex if we want it! Join the discussion!

We will discuss how American women are fooled into thiking men are just there at their disposal. Join the discussion.

American women will be alone in their older age due to feminism!

We will discuss how American Women date bikers, thugs, drug dealers and other losers, then when they get too old for the 'bad boy', they come looking for Mr. Do Right! Join the discussion!!

We will discuss how Amerikkka has made Black Men The Boogeyman, and, as a result the 'fall guy' for undesirable, frumpty, dumpty, loser, white and latino women! Join the discussion!

We will discuss how American Women rent out their vaginas for free dinners and drinks, and, how you can protect yourself from these female predators! We will also discuss how feminism has ruined dating in America. Did chivalry die? Yes,... more

We will discuss how Hollywood exploit Black women and how women like Kerry Washington and Halle Berry are all too quick to show their white massa some love!