Corey Stewart of Prince William Board of County Supervisors: Bring It On, Obama

Brother Craig the Hatchet Man

Brother Craig the Hatchet Man

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Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Chairman Corey Stewart, of Virginia, speaks candidly about his challenge to the Obama Administration to sue his state with a lawsuit too, in hopes that the Justice Department will have so many state suits that they won't be able to see straight. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, the Virginia lawmaker said he expects the Obama Administration's suit against Arizona to fall flat. So, tune in as Chairman Stewart gives the scoop to "Brother Craig The Hatchet Man" on why he believes that Arizona is on solid footing, why he encourages other jurisdictions to follow Arizona's lead on the immigration enforcement issue, and learn all about his “Rule of Law Campaign” which seeks support in protecting all counties and cities in Virginia’s Commonwealth by enhancing police powers to enforce Virginia’s criminal penalties for illegal aliens. To learn more about Chairman Stewart and his “Virginia Rule of Law Campaign”, visit or visit him on Facebook at “Virginia Rule of Law Campaign”.
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