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The Game Exchange

The Game Exchange


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Join Todd and Larry as they discuss current events, and give bluntly honest advice from a third eye point of view. Listen to them now choppin' it up, and exchanging some game!

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Now that you've graduated High School or College many incredible opportunities and amazing experiences await you...NOW LIFE REALLY BEGINS! Life is just starting once you receive that diploma. Join Todd & Larry as they offer advice,... more

The Gay Marriage issue has been a hot topic in the media lately. Everyone from Presidential candidates to celebrities have been flip flopping =on whether same sex marriages should be legalized. Should Gay Men and Women have... more

Many of us have tried and failed trying to only be friends with the opposite sex . Jealousy, physical attraction, and the whole "friends with benefits" scenario often gets in the way. Join Todd & Larry this Saturday as they discuss the possibility... more

How does Facebook and Twitter impact our lives? Has putting your life online helped or hurt you in relationships with loved ones and in the workplace? Has Facebook and other social networks been a distraction or an added value to our... more

For those of us that have done it, we all know the game changes when we date somebody with kids. How do you deal with your partners Baby Momma/Baby Daddy? Do you get pissed when the person you're dating disciplines your kids?... more

Are you Black or White? C'mon...you gotta choose one... right? People who are more than one race face questions like this regularly. Does it have to be a choice? Who do you identify with more...White or Black? Is it even really your... more

Are race relations REALLY better in 2012? How prevalent is racsim? Join Todd & Larry as we share our personal experiences dealing with prejudice and as we explore our thoughts on racism. We'll be discussing everything from Trayvon... more

Spring time is here! Time to "get right, and get tight" for Summer!!! Listen this Saturday at noon as we discuss tips, diet tricks, and debunk exercise myths. Wanna lose weight ladies? Guys, wanna put on some muscle? Call in to get... more

On this show we will discuss the changes of the music business with our special guest, hip hop artist, musician, and producer Devinaire. You will get a chance to hear Hot New Music. We will also talk about what goes into creating songs... more

Hair done. Nails done. Ass done...what? How far are the Ladies (and some Men) really going to acheive that "ideal" image of attractiveness? Is it worth it? Do we men really care? Tune is this Saturday as Todd & Larry break down the "High... more