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Join Todd and Larry as they discuss current events, and give bluntly honest advice from a third eye point of view. Listen to them now choppin' it up, and exchanging some game!

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Join Todd and Larry as they discuss friendship and one of the most difficult situations that may arise in any friendship.... hooking up with your friend's ex!

On this episode, we talk about the Complex circumstances of the N word, Kanye West, and the Problems that come with being totally Honest.

On this editioin of The Game Exchange Todd and Larry discuss Lamar Odom's excursion into crack cocaine, Politcal Correctnes in the workplace and in Media, and very special surpise caller!

Join Todd and Larry as they reminisce on some of the greatest hip hop music ever recorded in the years 1994 and 1995. Biggie, Bone Thugs, Outkast, E-40, and much more!!!

We talkin' bout music, pagers, pager codes, CrossColour jeans, and everything early 1990's hip hop culture! Listen now to hear about the music and reminisce on the golden age of hip hop during a magical time. Join Tod and Larry as... more

If you are a fan of music you don't wanna miss this show!!! Ice Cube, NWA, Public Enemy, Black Sheep, DJ Quik, Naughty By Nature, The Geto Boys...the list goes on and on! These are just a few of the artists that made an impact and are... more

Racist golfers, an ex-child star getting arrested for throwing a glass bong out of the window, Mike Tyson doing stand-up comedy....and much, much more on this week's edition of The Game Exchange with Todd and Larry.

How does stereotyping affect your life? Does it help or hurt your children, friends, and loved ones? Are all Asians good at math? Do all Black women have attitudes, Too many stereotypes to name! How true or false are they? Do they help or... more

Why do news reporters try finding the most ignorant black peson to interview? Is it ratings over integrity, Niggas ove black folks, or stereo types over truth. What are the long term affects of these viral internet sensations if any. Hide yo... more

This week Jason Collins, NBA Center for the Washington Wizards, came out publicly as a gay man. This is the first time an American professional athlete that is still actively competing in a major sport has publicly come out of the closet.... more