The Game Exchange

The Game Exchange


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Join Todd and Larry as they discuss current events, and give bluntly honest advice from a third eye point of view. Listen to them now choppin' it up, and exchanging some game!

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Spending money on chicks to get them to be on your team has been going on since Adam and Eve. Is it really necessary? Have times changed where "trickin'" is no longer the norm? Are you a "trick?" Join Todd and Larry as... more

Larry and Todd are talking Dr.dre,Solange, recent news and more....

Reality stars releasing sex tapes and inadvertently causing a shortage of shower rods. Racists professional sports teams owners demanding their girlfriends not be photographed publicly with "blacks." Just another week! Join Todd and Larry as... more

The chick(s) you chose to be on your team is always a decision that should never be made lighlty. Having that right girl in your corner can often make the difference between winning and losing. We've all heard the horror stories of trifliing... more

Sometimes the situations we think are mutually beneficial turn out to mostly benefit only one party. You work for a paycheck, but how much money has your work made for the company? You signed that new record... more


The Game Exchange

The Game Exchange

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