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Since 2005, The F.L.O.W. (For Love Of the World) began as a dialogue between three men, Marc Collins, Angelo Hunt and Roy Frank sharing their experiences and feelings regarding their past relationships. The Flow (For Love Of The World) is a relationship dialogue consisting of an online internet forum (www.flow4theworld.com) and regularly scheduled relationship events where there are discussions regarding such topics as “Why Men Fear Love & Intimacy”; “Sex, Religion & Spirituality”; “ Are You Ready For a Relationship?”; among others. F.L.O.W. events provide a platform where fundamental relationship issues are candidly discussed that go beyond “baby momma drama”. The Flow Advocates: * One of the Prime Relationships is with yourself: Having a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is a key to successful relationships. * We are complete within ourselves: Relationships should enhance who we are not complete us. * Relationships are experiences that allow us to grow and redefine ourselves, if we choose. * We are responsible for our choices and consequently our relationship outcomes

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In our rush into a relationship, too many believe that sex is the gateway to intimacy and miss the opportunity to develop a real friendship, the starting point of healthy relationships. Have we been duped into believing that sex is the pathway... more

What is maleness, masculinity, manhood? Is it as real as the last James Bond movie or rap video? Are we striving to achieve a media projection that has no basis in reality? Do we live for the next conquest and just ride into the sunset... more

Most parents have hopeful dreams of raising their children to be independent, healthy and successful adults. However, looking at the current relationship landscape with its pervasive emotional and sexual abuse, domestic violence,... more

What is Fatherhood? Is it a role, a frame of reference, a behavior, or just a set of socially sanctioned activities? At one time fathering meant being a good provider, not a nurturer or a homemaker. Today the role of a father has... more

Sex and its relationship to a meaningful spiritual life is a topic largely ignored, greatly disparaged by organized religion, and largely misrepresented in the media and society. Nonetheless, this disconnection is a burning issue that exists just... more

When we hear the term the Downlow it most likely conjures up an image of a black man loving heterosexually by day and lusting homosexually by night. But is it realistic to characterize this as an exclusively black phenomenon? What... more

The American Psychiatric Association describes Domestic violence as "control by one partner over another in a dating, marital or live-in relationship." Abuse is not an accident. It does not happen because someone was stressed-out,... more

Are you looking for "love" and can never seem to find it? Do you find your self in relationships where you don't receive the "love" you give. Are you or have you been in relationhsips where you fear being left alone? Do you feel that... more

Interracial relationships represent the coming together of race, gender, and identity politics. As interracial dating and marriage continue, and there is a growing presence of interracial couples in the media, on college campuses, in... more

Healthy, self affirming relationships are the result of recognizing and moving beyond social stereotypes and conditioned frames of reference and behaviors. The FLOW believes that much of the social pathology in our communities... more
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