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Collective Mind Energy: A Weapon For Peace?

  • Broadcast in Women
Host Naimah Latif

Host Naimah Latif


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After a fatal shooting has occurred, religious leaders gather their followers to pray at the scene of the violent attack. They may place flowers at the sight of the killing. Flowers bring positive energy, with their beauty and fragrance. People gather to pray for the victims. They may even march down the streets in the neighborhood where the shooting took place.  But the problem is - all this is done after the fact. The harmful actions have already been committed. The question is, how do we prevent violence? Thought is energy. All action is preceded by a thought. What if you learned how to transform negative thought energy into positive thought energy so that the negative action never occurred? It is possible. We are all streams of light energy, encased in a physical body. Our energy is affected by the energy vibrations, the thoughts, of those near us as well as those far away. We can both harm and heal over a distance as well as from up close. Today we will examine and enact the power of positive thought in changing the energy in an area where residents are threatening to commit violent acts. Can we prevent violence by changing the energy in a place? Yes we can. What is prayer? It is positive thought energy, transferred from the Creator, the Cosmic Central Consciousness we call God, to human beings. When we pray for people, we are sending them positive energy. Why did Jesus instruct people to pray for their enemies? In order to transform the energy of their enemies from negative to positive. We understand that energy is science. So let us understand the science of thought energy - prayer - in transforming the physical reality in which we live. Our guest is Prophetess Darlene Perkins and she presents an opportunity to manifest the power of prayer to bring peace to a potentially violent group of people.