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Are We Ready For Visitors From Other Worlds?

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Host Naimah Latif

Host Naimah Latif


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If you have ever seen the paintings on the walls of pyramids and ancient ruins in Egypt, you have seen unusual looking people. Some may have blue skin or heads like birds. We have been told these paintings are symbolic.  Well, they're not. They are the real images of extra terrestrial visitors, people from other planets where higher evolved civilizations have developed greater scientific knowledge. Why does this idea frighten some people? The Middle Ages were considered the Dark Ages for Europeans, who believed that the earth was flat and they were afraid to sail on the ocean too far. During that same time, it was an Age of Enlightenment for  Africans and Asians, who were sailing around the world, engaging in trade and commerce.  In 2013 there are some still living in the darkness of fear and ignorance, believing Earth's civilization is alone in the Universe. But at the same time, many of us who are enlightened are already interacting with extraterrestrial beings who have come to share their advanced knowledge with the citizens of Earth. Today we'll hear some of the teachings of Alaje, a soul who incarnated from the Pleiadian star system to share basic wisdom with Earth's inhabitants.