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The Esoteric Hour

The Esoteric Hour


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A discussion of various viewpoints on your life's purpose, the spiritual path, animal communication and psychic guidance.

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Alex and Cheryl discuss what it means to subscribe to the "Love Channel," how to recognize when you're subscribing to the "Fear Channel." If you don't know what the Love Channel is, then you need to listen to this show.... more

Alex interviews Cheryl so that our listerns can learn more about the work Cheryl does with animals. Cheryl is an animal communicator and has found that a series of frequently asked questions come up on how animal communcation... more

Alex and Cheryl discuss what non-attachment really means. Not to be confused with detachment, non-attachment has its benefits.

Alex and Cheryl discuss how we must remember that we are all spiritual beings, how life is just a series of experiences in this human existence. Great show, lots of good advice!

Alex and Cheryl discuss various ways to exercise energetic protection, inviting only positive energy into your space, when to recognize that you need to do so. Lots of great tips in this show, including Merkabah/Archangel Metatron, etc.

Alex and Cheryl discuss how that which we see in others as irksome behavior and/or negative attitudes is often that which we see in ourselves. If you're constantly at odds with one or more individuals in your life, you could be seeing... more

Alex & Cheryl follow up the last show on Manifestation of a Disease and the Luminous Body by discussing just how it all starts -- with blockages! How do you recognize them and what do you do about them? This show will discuss some of... more

Alex and Cheryl discuss how illnesses and sickness are a direct result of a manifestation and how the Luminous Body is affected and contributes.

Alex and Cheryl discuss why it's important to accept certain pauses in time in your life, why you need these time outs, and why waiting is beneficial.

Alex and Cheryl discuss what it actually means to follow your heart v. ideas you create in your mind, where and how to start to determine this to keep you on your path, and the importance of understanding the difference.