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Dr Kacie Crisp

The Easy Relationship


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If you've always known more should be possible, this show's for you. In relationships, money, travel, Dr. Kacie Crisp shares tools you won't hear anywhere

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What if the tools of consciousness could be used to expand your business? What if using them could make being in business easier and more fun than you imagined possible? Would you be willing to invite the universe to contribute to... more

Dr. Kacie Crisp and Graeme Crosskill, faciltators of Access Consciousness, discuss ways the tools of consciousness can enable you to create your business as more than you dreamt possible, using the tools of consciousness to... more

What if prosperity and freedom were a possibility for everyone in South Africa? How much peach and joy could that bring to this already stunningly beautiful country? The tools of Access Consciousness will be applied to business and... more

What would it take for this beautiful country to have the prosperity and freedom it deserves? What if increasing prosperity and awareness for everyone would benefit everyone? What if one person's win was everyone's win? Tools of... more

What could we change in South Africa that created greater possibilities for everyone in this beautiful country. Applying the principles of Access Consciousness to business, prosperity, and interpersonal relationships to... more

What if prosperity for anyone contributed to prosperity for everyone? How can South African create an environment where everyone wins and everyone's contribution is acknowledged? An ongoing conversation with business owners... more

The tools of Access Consciousness applied specifically to the challenges of the beautiful country of South Africa. What if one person's success added to the success of others? What can the tools of consciousness do to change the... more

How to create social change and equity and prosperity for all without "giving away the store" or creating huge resentment on either side? What if a change of consciousness were what was required? How can that be accomplished to... more

What can be done to create a win-win situation with prosperity for everyone who is willing to have it in South Africa? Limiting beliefs shared by most people on the planet, as well as specific points of view developed by South Africans based on... more

Dr. Kacie Crisp is a relationship coach and Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator & has been happily married to her husband, David Caddy, for 26 years. She has created this show to share what... more